We are now fully operational and readily available with our new Laser equipment offering engraving, cutting or marking on most surfaces such as wood, glass, plastic / acrylic, stone (marble, granite) and metals (using additive to mark).

Laser marking on Stainless Steel Tumblers/Cups 30oz, 20oz (Yeti, RTIC, etc…)
We have a couple of ways we can offer to personalize any of the common and popular stainless steel cups. (1) Cup with black marking to show the design on it that is requested (2) Cup that is powder coated in any color offered will show the design of what is requested as the metal that is underneath
To produce a Bold Black permanent marking on bare metal, we use an additive marking system.  No metal is removed and no damage is done to the metal's integrity.
If the cup has a protective layer of powder coat / cerakote on it the outcome from the laser will show the metal that is under the powder coat as the design, letters, logo… The laser will be removing the powder coat or cerakote that is attached to the cup and will show the design as the bare metal that’s underneath.

Quotes are offered at no cost - As with all laser marking/etching/engraving quotes are done on a case by case basis. Each quote follows the size, material, shape and other factors are all considered for the specific item along with the specific artwork/design that is to be added to it.


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